About Us

Woolover Limited is a company based in Christchurch, New Zealand specialising in the production and marketing of woollen animal covers.

The covers are all wool-rich and are designed to prevent hypothermia in new born animals as well as to promote higher growth rates in larger animals.

Woolover Limited was formed in 1992 in response to severe lamb and calf losses in New Zealand and now manufactures and exports covers to over 15 countries.

Woolover Limited continues to work closely with AgResearch to improve its covers for the benefit of farmers.


MWI Animal Health based in Boise, Idaho and Kim Holt drew our attention to the USDA figures that suggested towards 80,000 new born beef calves perish annually from hypothermia. Woolover then set about designing and making a beef calf cover that was totally biodegradable, is designed to fit an 85lb new born beef calf and would simply fall off after three to four weeks as the calf outgrew it. This ensured the new born calf survived and captured some additional growth rate along the way.