Promote natural growth and reduce hypothermic losses with Woolover

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Why should I cover my calfs?

To ensure the next crop of replacement dairy heifers reach their true genetic potential.

Having paid attention to the basics of feeding and good animal husbandry, the next important step is to ensure the heart and lung area is kept at a comfortable temperature. Be it 3pm on a sunny afternoon or 4am on a cold and frosty morning.

The Woolover calf cover is designed to wrap around the calf ensuring those vital organs are covered. This ensures calves reach their target weight and enter the herd at peak condition.

Translate your animal's food intake into more growth rather than body heat maintenance

The primary material in all covers is wool, which has several fundamental qualities that are not found in other materials.

The covers are all wool-rich and are designed to prevent hypothermia in new born animals as well as to promote higher growth rates in larger animals.

Woolover animal covers are the Natural Thermal Protector to promote animal growth and lower hypothermic losses

🗸 Wool breathes ensuring animals remain warm without sweating under the cover and ensures that the cover dries out.

🗸 Wool takes on one third of its weight in water drawing water away from the hide of the animal keeping the animal warm and dry.

🗸 Woolovers can also be washed and reused between animals.