Fit N Forget™ Calf Cover

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The Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover has been designed solely for fitting newborn beef calves on day one. They are made from wool that is needle punched to a hessian substrate resulting in a totally biodegradable cover.

  • 100% wool, needle punched to a hessian backing

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Can be left on the calf for 3 to 4 weeks until the calf outgrows it

  • Will fall off and can be left to biodegrade where it falls. One use only.

  • The heart and lung areas are covered


One Size Available = Medium designed for an 85 Lb New Born Beef Calf. This cover will also fit a 65 lb newborn or a 112 lb newborn 

Customer Reviews

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Betty Owens-DeMulder
Great product

These jackets saved 5 of our calves whom were born in a snowstorm. Easy to use and the biodegradable ones make it easy as they just fall off after a few weeks.

Todd Faessler

We have been very pleased with these Calf Covers. We haven't had to use them as much as we would have last year since the weather has been milder. I know they will come in handy should the weather change.


Fit N Forget™ Calf Cover

Love that it is natural material and it works so well!

I bought this because it was a natural material. We do not like to use polyester or any other synthetic material on our own bodies, in our home, or on our pets/animals. We had a baby calf due in December and were worried about the cold temperatures because we do not have an actual barn. Baby calf was born a "dummy calf" with hypothermia. Put this on her and warmed her up with heat lamp and within 24 hours she was up on her feet walking and romping around. Our temperatures have gotten down the the mid 20s and she stays complete warm without sweating. I have read that if they sweat under the calf jacket, the sweat can freeze and make things worse. But this does not make them sweat, it is warm enough to keep them warm but wicks any moisture that may be released. It was super easy to put on her and she seems to be completely comfortable with it on. Highly recommend and will buy more for future calves. Have not seen this recommended anywhere in my Facebook groups, but I definitely will!

Kirk Scilacci

They work very well. There so nice I can’t imagine throwing them away