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Woolover Lamb Covers are 100% wool covers designed to stretch and grow with newborn lambs promoting survival and growth.

Woolover lamb covers offer farmers the following benefits:

  • Easy to fit.
  • Minimal disruption between bonding of ewe and lamb.
  • Can be left on until tailing with no ill effect. 
  • The life of the cover is approximately three weeks.
  • Provides warmth to newborn lambs and goat kids with a biodegradable, wool cover. 
  • Increases survival rates when used 0-12 hours after birth.
Translate your animal's food intake into more growth rather than body heat maintenance.

Customer Reviews

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Carl Lindsay Rash


Ramona Rommereim
Should have ordered sooner

Should have ordered them sooner. The only negative is some of my ewes don’t like the white covers. Black lambs

Anne Proctor
happy lambs, happy customer

I've used Woolover jackets for beef calves and been very happy with them. With some early lambs coming in February in Wisconsin, I was looking for lamb jackets and came across these by Woolover. I love how the wool insulates and does not hold moisture and thought what better for a lamb than wool! The lamb covers worked great - easy to put on and they stay on (good fit on my katahdanXdorpers). Lambs are now 2 weeks old and the covers are holding up well. Fast shipping and great products!

Mary McKennan

The lamb covers are great. I need bigger ones however because my Wensleydale lambs are too big for them after only a few daya